Peter S. Herrick has locations in the ports of St. Petersburg, Florida and Long Beach, California.
Being a Federal practice, he represents clients in virtually every U.S. port.

Our legal practice has been ongoing since 1977.

Peter S. Herrick graduated from the U S Merchant Marine Academy and served aboard merchant vessels as a 3rd and 2nd mate and aboard U. S. naval vessels, retiring as a LCDR USNR. He then attended Georgetown Law School and upon graduation as an attorney began working at U. S. Customs in Washington DC in the Office of Regulations and Rulings and then transferring to the Miami Regional Counsel's office as Assistant Regional Counsel. He entered private practice in 1977 concentrating on representing clients before Customs and other federal agencies and in the U. S. Court of International Trade and various U. S. district courts and appeals courts. As noted in the 'Home' section of this website, he has achieved successes on many federal issues.