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Offering Legal Assistance in Import and Export, Trade Law, Dumping Duties, Money Seizures and more

Peter S. Herrick PA
Peter S. Herrick PA

Legal Services for International Enterprise, Nationwide

Peter S. Herrick PA is a proactive law firm specializing in international trade law practice. With over 55 years of experience, we serve clients across the United States.

We specialize in

  • Import & export
  • Trade law
  • Seizure of money & penalties
  • Dumping duties

Clients We Represent

Peter is an experienced Customs and International Trade Law Attorney and has been serving the nation since 1982. Some of the issues we deal with are firms operating in international trade, transportation, and commerce. We represent clients in administrative proceedings with federal agencies.

Peter S. Herrick PA

Scope Rulings

At Peter S. Herrick PA, we work with various U.S. District Courts and various U.S. Courts of Appeal. We also obtain support scope rulings from the Department of Commerce and favorable customs drawback duties.

Peter S. Herrick PA