Penalty Petitions

Petitions for Remission or Mitigation

A petition for remission or mitigation can challenge a decision made by U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP). If Customs has seized your merchandise or imposed some other form of penalty (also known as liquidated damages), you are entitled to file a petition for relief from said penalty.

After receiving your petition for relief, the CBP will send you a written decision which may be full relief, a partial relief, or outright denial. If unsatisfied with their decision, you are still entitled to file a supplemental petition.

If you wish to file a petition for remission or mitigation after Customs has imposed a penalty upon you, contact the experienced customs lawyers at Peter S. Herrick PA. While you can file such a petition yourself without legal counsel, you will likely receive a better result by the end of the process if you consult with an experienced international trade law firm.